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Tiger’s den of due diligence



Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines! This is our Friday show, a roundup of the week’s biggest and most fascinating stories from startups, venture capital and technology.

Natasha and Alex along with Grace and Chris had to cut and cut and cut to get the show to fit this week, so if we didn’t get to your favorite story, we wanted to. We just ran out of space.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Twitter Blue: Natasha is not sold, but Alex is all-in on Twitter’s new subscription service. What does it include? What do we hope it adds? We have it all for you.
  • Seasoned raised $18.7 million for its frontline worker app and matching service, raised $20 million to continue taking on Google’s search hegemony, and raised a huge pile of money for reasons that we like, even if the details of what it intends to do are still a little vague.
  • Plus, Stoa School wants to bring the vision of the ‘alternative MBA’ to India while BrightChamps’ hefty new valuation may be a commentary on credentialism.
  • Tiger Global’s investing rush. Thanks to an act of journalism by our Twitter friend Sar Haribhakti, we had fresh perspective on just how the startup investing community is handling Tiger’s race to win growth-stage investing. The Information has more, as does FT and Crunchbase News,

As you can tell from the show’s sheer diversity of topisc, it’s quite the time to be a reporter in tech. No day is the same, which is great, because Equity is back Monday morning!

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