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REVIEW: Kahren – I Think I Know Her EP



STREAM: Kahren - I Think I Know Her EP

A little while later, she learned to play the guitar and had her first studio session. In the thick of lockdown, she won her first set of fans after her acoustic performance videos went viral. She released ‘Peekaboo,’ a showcase of her burgeoning and equally scary pen game.

She followed it up with ‘SAFA,’ an acronym for ‘Stay away, far away.’ A pop record, it showed a more fierce side to the Black Melon singer. In a new video for the song, she appeared grown and sultry, while she rode her tidal waves of ‘sexy’ and ‘unconcerned.’

On October 22, 2021, she released I Think I Know Her. More than anything, the 5-track EP is a chronicle of self-discovery in the public eye. It also projects Kahren in her wiley innocence, spurred on by being a Gen Z product of the internet. Her topics are heavily rooted in relationships, love, hurt and convalescence.

While she openly discusses some of her pain in public with a proper articulation of her topics, she never creates a know-it-all illusion. Be it on ‘Breathe’ or ‘SAFA,’ tracks which see her demand her space while she embraces needed individuality for her mental health or on ‘Mirror,’ a more methodical R&B track, which sees her seek clarity from a would-be partner, she doesn’t get too obsessed with appearing or sounding grown. It gives authenticity to her music and message.

Nonetheless, Kahren seems to use her desire for space or lines like “I’m an angel in the morning, devil in the night” and “I want to ‘Enjoy My Life’ like Lady Donli as a coping mechanism for pain. As much as she expresses a need for clarity on ‘Mirror,’ she seems like one of those women who can hide their pain or heartbreak with defiance.

But she only seems like a 21-year-old, finding herself and her solutions through the roughages of the real world. Her EP title also proves that she doesn’t claim to know it all. ‘SAFA’ also projects her as a woman hardened by betrayal: a common denominator in the real world.

At the root of this EP is beautiful, imaginative songwriting. There is also a way with hooks, which reflects throughout this EP. Her experimentation with falsetto on ‘Commando’ also proves that Kahren can become a scary all-round act in two years of constant studio time.

While Victony’s character is a good man, Blaqbonez’s character is toxic.

Overall, this is an impressive EP.

Themes and Delivery: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.6/2

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