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Inside The Debut Sustainable Denim Collection By BITE Studios



BITE, an acronym for ‘By Independent Thinkers for Environmental progress’ is a luxury womenswear brand that takes pride in its sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

Founded in Stockholm and London, by four likeminded individuals who all felt the desire to make something beautiful, with human and environmental ethics at its core, expect everything from knits to outerwear that uses the very best organic wool, cotton and silk. And now, excitingly, denim has been added into the mix with a capsule collection that comprises of three new signature BITE denim styles with slim, wide, and straight-leg fits on offer.

The collection marks BITE’s first collaboration with sustainable denim brand, Nudie Jeans Co, and so, only the highest quality fabrics from sustainable manufacturers ISKO and Candiani are used. There’s organic cotton galore (which has been certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard and Organic Content Standard), and the buttons, rivets and snap fasteners have also been made under environmentally safe and transparent production conditions in Germany.

“Launching BITE denim in collaboration with eco pioneers Nudie Jeans has been a dream for us since we started the brand. Two Swedish heritage brands coming together with shared brand values and principles. We have worked closely with Nudie Jeans Founder Maria Erixon Levin on the design process, who in our opinion is one of the best denim designers out there. She has worked to create the perfect silhouettes that embody the design aesthetic our brand DNA, complimenting the rest of the collection and creating a lovely addition to the existing BITE wardrobe.” CEO and Co-Founder of BITE Studios, William Lundgren

To celebrate the new capsule collection Lundgren shares his top tips for choosing denim.


The most sustainable denim, both for the environment and for your style, is the one that lasts. At BITE we have established a signature silhouette over the years – so when introducing denim to our range, it was very natural to simply translate the classic cuts that we already knew were becoming contemporary wardrobe staples. Probably no other garment can take you through occasions, transcend trends and stand the test of time better than denim.       


To make it last, quality is key. Denim really is an everyday item – it can take you from the office to dinner, so it’s important to invest in denim that can be your best friend for many years to come. BITE Denim is made from the highest quality fabrics from sustainable manufacturers ISKO and Candiani in Turkey and Italy. The organic cotton used in the denim fabrics are grown in Turkey and India and is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS and Organic Content Standard, OCS. Organic cotton ensures that the health of soils, ecosystems and people are sustained. It is grown without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified seeds, and ensures farmers are not exposed to toxic chemicals in their work. To date only 0.95% of the global cotton supply is actually organic which makes BITEs denim range unique for the segment.       


Traditionally denim has a problematic supply chain in terms of the tremendous amount of water and chemicals used for different washes and effects. Selvage is a good option, a style we will launch in upcoming seasons, as the indigo is left raw and untreated. As always though, standards are meant to be reinvented and for our first drop we wanted to work closely with industry innovators to really try to make an impact. The washes are made in Italy by our partner, Italian laundry and development supplier Green Lab LTD. The washes used for our styles are a result of the search for solutions which reduce the environmental impact using technologies like laser and ozone to be able to avoid unnecessary use of chemicals in the supply chain.  


Denim consists of many components – the fabric is an important factor but also the buttons, zippers, labels, snap fasteners and rivets should all be sustainably made and of highest possible quality. BITE Denim’s components are made under environmentally safe (EMAS) and transparent production conditions by BERNING & SÖHNE in Germany and the garment is crafted in Italy. Keeping the sourcing and manufacturing within the EU we minimize the total transportations for all components used in the production. Even the patch is made of recycled polyester and just like many other things in life is not compromised, choosing your denims really shouldn’t be any different.    


For pieces with such simple and straightforward design as denim the attention to details really matters. Small touches like the logo embossed buttons and discreet embroideries make all the difference. At BITE we want to ensure maximum wearability and so a lot of time and care has been put into the designs. A wide leg is balanced with a fitted hip and a slim leg is given a slit for a flattering fit. Also, all BITE Denim features a contrasting black inside thread, a careful choice for a seam that is mostly left unconsidered.  


Denim is definitely a safe bet for a style that transcends time. Wisely chosen they can be used for decades and become your second skin. If you for any reason chose to part from a pair, make sure they are circulated not just thrown away. For designer denim there is always a second hand market and at BITE we are proud to offer lifelong buy back on all items purchased at where customers receive a 20% cash refund of the price they paid.  


Usually when speaking of denim, it done in a way that excludes certain styles for certain body types. Advice like one should consider height and shape when choosing denim feels very uninspiring. Our denim is designed for all figures and as with all of our styles they are thought of as a sort of canvas for personal expression. Again, the most sustainable style is the one that lasts so being comfortable, both in how you look and feel, really is the best advice. Last but not least; denim really is a part of fashion history, let yours be part of the future.

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