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Ford Adds Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage And Mustang Coastal Limited Editions For 2022



It wouldn’t really be a new model year without some new limited edition Mustangs from Ford. Unlike the days of yore when almost everyone launched new model year vehicles at the beginning of September, the designation is now more of a formality, beginning whenever updated models are ready. With the Mustang transitioning to 2022 models and the car being essentially carryover, Ford has some special feature packages to keep things interesting.

First up is the Shelby GT500 heritage edition. Celebrating 55 years since the launch of the first big block Shelby Mustang, the heritage edition is mechanically unchanged from other GT500s and that’s fine because 760-hp is more than almost anyone really needs on the street and the latest model finally handles like a real sports car. What’s unique is the exclusive Brittany Blue paint with white stripes. As on other GT500s, customers have two options for the stripes, the more basic vinyls that are applied after painting or the painted stripes.

At $10,000, the painted stripe option is pricey because the body has to be taken offline in the paint shop after base coat is applied, masked and hand sprayed. After that the body goes back into the paint line for clear coat and curing.

Ford will start taking orders for the GT500 Heritage edition on Monday November 15 with a starting sticker price of $78,835 including delivery and gas guzzler tax.

Among the more affordable Mustangs, there is the Coastal edition based on the four-cylinder Ecoboost cars. This one is also available in Brittany Blue as well as Cyber Orange or Rapid Red. This one gets vinyl stripes that run along the side of the power hump on the hood and then along the doors and rear fenders. The grille pony is offset to the driver’s side and 10-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels are part of the package. The Coastal limited edition coupe starts at $36,185, a premium of $1,995. It’s also available as a convertible.