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Best Professional & Business Hairstyles For Men



If you want to make a great first impression, an on-trend haircut might just do the trick. Truly, it is a sign of self-respect when a gentleman puts efforts into the way he presents himself to others. Just as much as wearing a sharp business look, a professional haircut is important for any serious businessman aiming to climb the corporate ladder.A great professional haircut and defined grooming is first impression that you make on others and still remains at the heart of it all – along with a polished wardrobe. Not to mention, it also frames the face and highlights your features.

Yet, the notion of what a professional haircut is has changed to comply with a modern lifestyle. And the styles change according to your respective discipline which all have their own idea of what a professional haircut is for the office, military, tech-pro… Today, many rules have been relaxed and men have much more freedom when it comes to having a professional cut. This can be a good or bad thing.

Whether it’s boardroom presentations, million-dollar crypto deals, an interview, I suggest that you exercise attention to business haircut elements such as looking polished and put-together for your professional encounters.

In the past, mens style and hair were rigid. But today, in-person and online workplaces are much more flexible. When it comes to hair in professional settings, I suggest keeping it business-appropriate length with on-trend style. A good haircut conveys to a sense of fresh, clean and handsome confidence.

A word of advice to my Gen Z audience: if you’re aiming to wear your hair longer, might I suggest that you visit a hair salon in lieu of a barber. In general, hair stylists have more experience in cutting and styling for these guys. In 2021, the tail end of the baby boomer have turned 60 years old. On a similar note Generation X is now 40- 59 years old. More to my point, when if you want color in your hair ( and many men and women do), you’ll likely get better results from a stylist who is skilled in this department

What I find upsetting is that many young men associate a business haircut with something conservative. I beg to differ. You can still get a stylish and classy look that will perfectly suit the formal ambiance. Indeed a businessman haircut is expected to look well-groomed and tidy. In fact, I find it insulting and disrespectful when I see a gentleman holding a high-position with beard scruff and shaggy hair.

The best professional hairstyles for men:

  • Cleanness- Which means an even length and detailed and trimmed edges.
  • Trend: Your haircut and style should convey an up-to-date look.
  • Versatility-A hairstyle that fits into formal and casual settings
  • Conservativeness- The hairstyle should display a sophisticated aesthetic.

Try the style that best suits you:

  1. Side Part: Classic yet most stylish the real ideal for professionals. It looks great whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly and gives you a debonair  look
  2. Slick Back: Just comb it back and add some gel.
  3. Buzz Cut: A masculine look. Short and sharp military-inspired origins makes it a serious contender in styling for success.
  4. Tight curls: Wearing it short is a great option for the office

Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa was founded by Paul Labrecque in 1988 with a simple passion for beauty and fashion. This passion grew as Paul soon realized the power of beauty and how making people feel and look their best could truly change lives in so many ways. At this point he knew this is what he wanted to do in life and his entrepreneurial spirit took over. In the early days, it was a 2 seat boutique salon which has now grown into 3 full service salons and spas and an award winning line of hair-care products to keep you looking you best during office hours.

As the owner of full-service salon and spas in NYC and Palm Beach, Florida, a salon in Philadelphia at The Rittenhouse Hotel, a premium hair care collection, Paul Labrecque is noted as a renowned style-maker of movie and television stars, musicians, socialites, and other celebrities. For more than 25 years, Labrecque has offered the his clientele sophisticated style, and luxury products.  For more information, visit and @paullabrecquesalon.

“My passion is making my clients look and feel their best. It is what I love to do…making people feel confident, beautiful, sexy and full of life” says Paul Labrecque.

In addition, Master Barber Brittany Raposo (@thehonedbarber) provides a“Royal” treatment to clients at Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa at The Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach location. The shave experience is expertly tailored to each guest based on his skin type and needs. The Biologique Recherche products used during and after the treatment will work to soothe the skin, exfoliate, prevent ingrown hairs and reduce redness. Although the aforementioned is wonderful, for me, it is worth mentioning how good it feels to get a straight shave treatment.

I recently interviewed Founder and stylist Paul Labrecque about why it is important to have a trained expert stylist, why he makes sure that his clients have an intimate, personalized experience and about the importance of style, cut and color for business and success!

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to Forbes about what your thoughts are on the importance of a professional salon haircut with respect to dressing and styling oneself on the path to corporate ascension?

Paul Labrecque: With a great professional haircut you’ll find that with the right complementary products you’ll only enhance your overall look, but they won’t truly be needed every day to help you look your best. It is important to have a trained, expert stylist give you a cut that works with your personal hair texture and thickness. If this is done correctly you will look and hopefully feel great even if you don’t have time to use or style with products. Confidence is always needed to excel in any career, and owning your look helps. A professional haircut is worth the investment. 

JD: In your words, what is the comparative advantage and unique experience customers can look forward to at the Paul Labrecque salon?

PL: At my Salons in NYC, Palm Beach and Philadelphia, I try to make sure that all of our clients have an intimate, personalized experience in a very clean and beautiful setting. We are full-service in NYC and Palm Beach and provide everything from scalp and hair treatments, to customized facials with Biologique Recherche products, to massages, makeup, lashes and nails services. You can simply visit for a fantastic haircut or decide to treat yourself to an entire spa day. 

JD: In your expert opinion, what trends are you seeing in hair styles for both men and women respectively?

PL: For both I’m seeing hair that moves, cutting and styling it so that the hair really works with the elements of nature. Working with a client’s texture is a very important part of this process, ensuring that you can see movement in the person’s hair without using an excessive amount of product. Colors this year have become more blended and quite wearable. For example, blondes are less chunky, brunettes have under-lights of amber and reds are an array of gorgeous blends of titian and warm golds. 

JD: Talk to Forbes about the Paul Labrecque hair product line that you developed and why you stand by your product as well as the importance of a healthy hair routine?

PL: My signature Paul Labrecque hair products are designed to never weigh down the hair. They’re created with essential oils that won’t compete with your own fragrance or any others you might like to wear. With Paul Labrecque haircare you’ll have sexy strands with youthful shine! Your hair will move, yet be well-conditioned. There are just four steps to beautiful hair at-home with these products — Shampoo, Condition, Style and Finish. 

JD: How do men react to the Paul Labrecque salon— having your expert shaver – being a woman rather than a man? Do men feel at ease with this? 

PL: Our Master Barber at our Palm Beach location at The Royal Poinciana Plaza is Brittany Raposo, but in our flagship NYC location at the CORE: club, we have top barbers who are male and those who are female. Gender has never been an issue with any of our clients. All of our barbers and stylists are extremely professional and guys know this as soon as they speak with the barber and sit in their chair. 

JD: As the tail-end of the baby boomers as well hit the age of 60 this year and the generation X’ers are graying respectively; talk to Forbes about the importance of hair color and hair product upkeep with a consumer aim to appear fresh and dynamic during office-time hours?

PL: To me, one’s hair color will not be perfect or ideal without a proper realistic consultation between the stylist and client. With each client I take into account how often the person can afford to keep up the color(s) and see me, how gray they are and how we’ll work with the grays, the client’s lifestyle also comes into play, along with realistic goals. For those with little time and a lower budget, the color should remain as close to their natural hue(s) as possible. But for those with more time and a willingness to spend or experiment, there are many more choices. 

JD: As Paul Labrecque moves forward into the holiday season, can you give our readers some advice on what you have in-store to style their look for the exciting holiday events coming up?

PL: For men, we love to groom and advise on both hair, facial hair and skin needs. Don’t forget that facial hair is a very big part of a man’s holiday look. For women, we do it all — waves, curls, chic updos and can incorporate hair extensions to create a fuller, more bountiful or dramatic appearance.

JD: What can we expect from Paul Labrecque salon as we move into 2022 and beyond?

PL: The same warmth we love to deliver to all clients. We believe that the customer deserves to realize how important they are to us, from the time they book/enter to the time they leave! The Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa staff is trained in the most advanced techniques for hair, body, face, nails, and makeup treatments and services. We follow and keep up with cutting-edge sciences and offerings. All ages are always welcome with us, and we strive to make our guests look their most youthful and fresh each and every time they visit.  “Simple, Sexy, and Sophisticated” are the words that describe what we do, because carefree beauty is our goal for all our clients.

For more information, visit and follow on Instagram  @paullabrecquesalon.