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Advice For Going After Your Dream Career



Nouriel Gino Yazdinian is the CEO of NY Elizabeth, a luxury online auction house with offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

While my company is now recognized as a successful online auction house, it was not always so. For this path to happen, I had to step out on faith and dive blindly into my passion.

I was always surrounded by art through my mother’s family’s participation in the art business. After I lost my father when I was 1, it was my uncle who became one of the most important influences in my life — he taught me about every aspect of art by taking me to museums, art shops, galleries and even auctions. This is where the impetus for my love of art began and those early impressions remained with me even when I moved away from Mayfair, London and to the wholly different culture of Los Angeles.

But even with such vast knowledge, respect and admiration for the art world, I was hesitant to make it my career path. Instead, I decided on a different route and launched a social media platform. As the years went by, however, the pull of the art world continued to grow inside of me to the point where I could no longer ignore it. So, buoyed by these sentiments, I decided to leave the tech world, pursue my family business and follow my dreams in full.

Once I finally answered the call, I realized that having a passion for something can supersede any projections the world may have on you. Today, I can proudly say it’s the best decision I made. It is exciting, it is ever-evolving and as my involvement continues to grow, I know now that the path I’m on is a part of me that will never be buried ever again. This mantra to follow my heart is an integral component of my journey and one that I hope to impart to others wanting to follow their dream career path.

If you are feeling unfulfilled and stagnant in your career path, consider the factors that have possibly come into play. Perhaps you realize money provides security, but your soul is begging for something more in line with what you dream for yourself. Ultimately, money can only do so much — it may never be enough to douse the passions you have or take you to the next level of self-improvement and awareness. At the end of the day, the only thing we all have in common is time, an asset to be spent wisely and diligently. None of us want to waste our time with mundane tasks that don’t feed our spirit or provide sustenance to our inner core. Based on my experiences, there are some key takeaways I would like to impart to those on the fence to follow their passion and realize their dreams.

You won’t have to fake the drive anymore.

The best part of pursuing my dreams in the art world is that I don’t have to pretend anymore to love a job that is not sustaining me in all the ways I wanted to be fulfilled. Working in an industry I enjoy doesn’t feel forced and with that comes less stress and anxiety.

When you are passionate about your career, work flows naturally, and you don’t feel the need to force things to happen. Once you feel better about what you do, it extends to every aspect of your life and career; I truly feel as if I am giving back something to the world that I can feel a sense of pride about. Not having to pretend to be driven about something can lift so much day-to-day stress. If you go after your dreams now, in your later years, you won’t have to look back on your career with regret. You can be content that you made the right decision or at least gave it your best effort.

The work you love will stimulate your creativity.

Before I began working in the art world, my typical days were often mundane and dull, with most days varying very little and not offering any excitement. Since switching careers, I’ve discovered that there is always something new and interesting to take in.

When working with something you are passionate about, you will find ways to be challenged daily by new interactions and learn new skills in areas that you never anticipated. These intangible assets are invaluable, and when your passion and expertise are aligned, the resulting inspiration can allow you to expand your business, team and vision.

You will relax more and work less once you switch career paths.

In my previous jobs, I put in so many hours for projects and deadlines I didn’t have any passion for, and looking back now, I believe it showed. While I was able to honor these deadlines, I was never able to relax while doing so as my mind constantly raced and made it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

If this sounds like you, understand that you may actually work fewer hours if you are able to fully invest in your work. And if your passion is apparent from everyone you interact with and on every project you collaborate on, it can become infectious. This enthusiasm can improve your lifestyle across the board, and even if you occasionally work longer days, you will rarely mind it because it will never feel like work. At the end of the workday, you will feel fulfilled and relieved.


The bottom line is that money does not always buy happiness and it should not be the top priority when deciding on a career. Ultimately, you will succeed more in a profession that satisfies your passions rather than one that merely pays your bills. There are so many industries that need passionate and enthusiastic people in order to expand and innovate the fields.

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