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2021 World Superyacht Award Winners Announced



I’m not surprised that the 263-foot-long Artefact was named Motoryacht of the Year in BOAT International’s 16th annual World Superyacht Awards. It’s one-of-a-kind superyacht that was built in Germany by the Nobiskrug shipyard. Its exterior was designed by Canadian naval architect Greg C Marshall. Its interior was designed by UK-based Reymond Langton Design.

And it’s filled with innovative solutions such as: The use of solar panels and a large battery storage system that allows the ship to operate for a limited time with no internal combustion engines operating at all. A diesel electric Azipod propulsion system developed by ABB combined with dynamic positioning that can hold position without dropping anchor to protect sensitive sea floor. And custom six-bladed propellers designed to minimize noise and vibration while maximizing performance and efficiency. 

It’s also one of the first superyachts to meet IMO Tier III emissions regulations and most notably the hull features an unprecedented floor-to-ceiling glass section comprised of nearly 8,000 square feet of curved and glasswork that weighs almost 120,000 pounds.

The same can be said for Boat International’s Sailing Yacht of the Year. The 111-foot-long Geist that was built of wood by the UK-based Spirit Yachts combines classic style with advanced technology such as the 100kW electric motor powered by four BMW lithium-ion battery banks that can propel it for 30 nautical miles at eight knots or can feed the yacht’s household demand for four days. Under sail, the motors become shaft generators to recharge the batteries, which are then used to power the sailing systems.